• 1x MKV NEXXUS Steadicam Sled
  • 1x 7″ small HD DP7 monitor
  • 1x Pro Titan Arm (4 blue canisters 2 black)
  • 1x Pro vest
  • 1x Wave 1 horizon stabilizer
  • 1x American grip stand w/ 8″ wheels
  • 1x Walter Klassen Garfield Mount
  • 10x hyper core neo 150 gold Mount batteries
  • 1x inovativ Steadicam cart w/ premium 10-inch wheels
  • 1x SOS; Steadi on sticks plate (for quick changeovers back and forth)
  • 1x ARRI hot swap power adapter (Amira, Mini, Mini LF)
  • 1x Jerry Hill EVF bracket

Cam Jam Deluxe Railway System:
Allows for swapping to/and from large zooms on tripod to /or from Steadicam in seconds among other things. Steadicam to sticks in even less time because motors are mounted to rails on the Steadicam plate.

Available at Additional cost:

A brand new Handheld device that works with the Steadicam Vest & Arm to allow effortlessly repeatable and consistently maintained handheld look and resulting in longer stamina, as well as lower and higher handheld boom range. Can even be used on the ground with a pancake and baby pin for controlled low angle handheld! Think Easyrig, but much, much better.

Camera & Video:

  • Teradek bolt 4k LT max kit :
  • 1x transmitter
  • 1 x gold mount receiver
  • 1 x antenna array w/ baby pin adapter
  • 1 x 7’ small HD cine 7 4K Bolt 1500
  • 1x 7″ small HD 703 ultrabright onboard monitor

Wireless Lighting Control:

  • 1x Apple Ipad
  • 1x AKS Plus


  • 1x Litemat Plus 1 Hybrid kit
  • 1x Litemat Plus 2L Hybrid kit
  • 1x Litemat Plus 3 Hybrid kit
  • 1 x Litemat Plus 4 Hybrid kit
  • 1 x Litemat 8 AC kit

Wireless Focus:

  • 1x C-force mini focus/iris// zoom control motor
  • 1 x Cforce Plus zoom/focus control